This is PURCO SA

For more than 45 years PURCO SA has facilitated collaboration between southern African institutions of higher learning, negotiated transversal national procurement contracts worth Rbillions, managed complex contracts for Institutions, encouraged knowledge sharing, and delivered significant cash and efficiency savings to the sector and its students. 

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Purchasing Consortium Southern Africa is a non-profit procurement consortium created by and working for the Higher Education sector in South Africa and Namibia.

Our membership encompasses higher education institutions and their allied bodies, including all South African and Namibian public universities, a growing number of TVET Colleges and private education providers, and allied research and non profit bodies. Our allied members include bodies such as the the African Health Research Institute, CSIR, the National Research Foundation, and the SABS among others.

Since PURCO SA started recording contractual savings for Members in 2010, it has delivered more than R2 Billion Rand of savings and rebates to Higher Education Institutions in South Africa and Namibia.

Our core offering is our ability to manage effective tender processes and negotiate value-adding contracts through the bulk buying power of our Consortium’s large membership.

Our contracts and tendering services are bolstered by a range of additional services specifically tailored for Higher Education procurement. These additional services include PURQ, our wholly owned academic information platform which provides a centralised repository of some 75% of South African Higher Education academic information; and the PURCO SA Consultancy Service that delivers strategic and task specific interventions as well as executive and operational staff deployments.

Annual Conference and Exhibition
Our PURCO SA Annual Conference and Exhibition provides a platform where procurement, finance and other higher education professionals come together to share ideas, practical experiences and challenges regarding Public Procurement. The conference is attended by delegates from almost every higher education institution in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

The parallel Exhibition provides an unparalleled opportunity for suppliers to connect with higher education buyers throughout South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. The event is specifically designed to deliver value to Members and exhibitors, providing maximum collaboration with the procurement and finance decision-makers and influencers who attend.