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Tuesday 17 September 2024
The National Meeting is an annual forum for senior higher education decision makers from PURCO SA Member institutions. It has an information and strategic focus and plays an advisory role to both the PURCO SA office and the Board of Directors. The Meeting is chaired by the PURCO SA CEO. 
National Meeting only: R2 440.00 excl

R2 440.00 excl. VAT added to invoice
National Meeting code applied - no cost for meeting

Tuesday 17 September 2024

The Annual Dinner is hosted on the night preceding the start of PURCON. It is normally a relaxed, casual evening at an attractive venue with good food and music. 
It provides a chance for Members to engage away from suppliers. 
Attendance is restricted to higher education attendees from PURCO SA Member institutions, and invited guests. 

Cost: R1090.00 excl.


National Meeting code applied - no cost for Annual dinner
R1090.00 excl. VAT added to invoice

Wednesday 18 September - Friday 20 September 2024

 - full access to conference sessions and the exhibition on all three days.
 - casual dinner on Wednesday 18 September.
 - Gala Dinner on Thursday 19 September
 - Book your own accommodation at the hotel of your choice.

Cost:  R9 475.00 excl.

Conference code applied - no cost for package
If you have applied an Expo Code select the Day package option below
R9 475.00 excl. VAT added to invoice

Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 September 2024

Includes full access to conference sessions and the exhibition on the days booked.
Does not include dinners.

Cost per day:  R2 445.00 excl.

You have an Expo Code. Select all three days to get free attendance
Expo code applied. No cost if code is valid.
R2 445 excl. VAT added to invoice
R4 960.00 excl. VAT added to invoice
R7 440.00 excl. VAT added to invoice

Friday 20 September 2024  |  08h00-13h00

The Supplier Day and Masterclasses offers a professional learning opportunity for exhibitor staff as well as non-exhibiting suppliers.
Attendees have access to the PURCON Exhibition on Friday and a brief opportunity to mix with the PURCON audience in the morning and during tea and lunch.
Note: The event is not an alternative to exhibiting. There is very limited time to engage with higher education decision makers and attendees may not distribute marketing material to attendees.

Cost: R2 175.00 excl

R2 175.00 excl. VAT added to invoice

Casual Dinner: Wednesday 18 September
Gala Dinner: Thursday 19 September

The PURCON dinner events provide an excellent opportunity to engage with colleagues, buyers and suppliers in a fun, social setting. Both evenings include entertainment, music and dancing.
Book early - the dinners are normally sold out.

Cost:  R1090.00 excl. VAT per dinner

You have an Expo Code. Select Gala Dinner for free
Expo code applied. No cost for Gala Dinner if code is valid.
R1090.00 excl. VAT added to invoice 
R2 180.00 excl. VAT added to invoice


The preferential rates offered by the hotels supporting PURCON are on a bed and breakfast basis, excluding dinner. Use this section to add up to 4 dinner vouchers for the nights when you are not attending a conference dinner. Each voucher is valued at R500.00 and can be used at any restaurant in the Waterfront and elsewhere.
The vouchers do not give attendance at the PURCON official dinners.

Cost:  R500.00 per dinner voucher
Maximum 4 vouchers allowed

x R500 (max 4)
You may book a maximum of 4 vouchers
Value of your vouchers added to invoice 

The ExpoPass option is available to Exhibitors only and does not give access to conferencing sessions.
Select this option if:
 - you are manning your company's Expo stand
 - you are an exhibitor representative and plan to visit the Expo only.

Cost R1 210.00 excl. per day

Conference delegates get free access to the Exhibition on the days booked.

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Access to the Exhibition is included on each day the Conference is booked.
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R3 630.00 excl. VAT added to invoice

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