Khanya Africa Networks


Khanya Africa Network was established in 1995 and is an ICT services company that has become known for delivering integrated business solutions to their clients.
Today, a 50-person strong operation, made up of experienced IT Professionals, attentive salespeople and a highly efficient admin team, stands ready to support
your organisation into the future with a range of IT tangibles.

Khanya Africa Networks provides professional services to a multitude of organisation's thus ensuring the ICT systems run smoothly and efficiently as this
is key. Each of our offerings are carefully considered and designed to complement your organisation and allow for scalability along with flexibility as
our customers grow. Today our clients consist of Government, Small-to-Medium Enterprises, and Corporates.

Khanya Africa Networks is proudly 100% black-owned and have a number of learners in our employ allowing Khanya Africa Networks the opportunity to upskill
these individuals to become the next generation of ICT Professionals and part of the solution in sustaining the economic growth in ICT.

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